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Jordan Zion 1 Shoe Review

We are back with another shoe review. We have finally been able to get our hands on the Jordan Zion 1 Shoe and it did not disappoint!!!

Price: 7/10

Comfort: 8/10

Looks: 8 /10

Performance: 9/10

This shoe looks like your basic Nike shoe with a not-so-subtle Z worked into the design, which I think works quite well. The Jordan Zion 1 represents a huge step for the 20 year old high-flying superstar. With a full-length Air Strobel and Zoom Air unit setup, along with a massive Z-designed structure (for both aesthetic and performance purposes), the Zion 1 looks to be the first in a potentially influential line of shoes for the basketball world. The deign of the shoe may not be everybody’s liking but in terms of performance and comfort, it is hard to see any other shoe in the market that competes. In conclusion, the most important thing is that Zion likes them and they don’t explode while he’s wearing them. It really doesn’t matter what the shoes look like if Zion continues to be awesome. People will buy them, and if they don’t, well he’ll just have to play in New York. If you want to get yourselves a pair of these shoes click here

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