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The Top 5 Basketball Shoes of 2021 (so far)

Nike Air Zoom GT Cut

The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut is the first entry in Nike's Greater Than Series and is an impressive start. The GT Cut features a low profile, lightweight setup that compares favourably to the classic Nike Kobe 8. The React, full length Air Zoom Strobel, and heel Zoom unit work well together and provide sold cushioning despite how low this shoe sits to the ground. It's a quick guards dream but the big guys might want to look elsewhere.

Jordan Zion 1

This shoe is Zion Williamson's first signature shoe at the age of 20. It is a great achievement for the 2019 No.1 pick. The Marion colourway is all about the places that shaped him like South Carolina and his middle school where his mother coached him. There is one unifying design element that ties all 4 colourways together and makes them uniquely Zion: the famous Z on the side of the shoe, which is purposely similar to the Z that Zion shaved on the side of his head. The Z is functionally innovative and was created to harness power in the heel and enable speed in the forefoot perfect for Zion's playing style.

Zoom Freak 2 'Play for the Future'

The traction on this shoe is why it is one of the best shoes of 2021. Massive improvements have been made to the traction. In addition, there is minimal cushioning with full length foam and Zoom air in the forefoot but gives great court feel. The upper material provides a comfortable fit and there is decent support throughout the shoe.

Don Issue #2

The Don Issue #2 is a great "bang for your buck" shoe. This shoe focuses more on court feel and mobility than the Don Issue #1. The materials are light and comfortable. They may feel slightly synthetic to some people but for the price the materials are very high quality. The support on these shoes are great. there is very little movement of your foot even with sharp quick turns. The traction is decent. On clean courts you stop quickly with a sharp bite but on dusty courts you require a lot of wiping and you lose a bit of the bite.

Overall these are a good shoe and great value for the price.

Nike KD 13

The KD 13’s traction and cushion are standout features. The cushion’s Zoom Air strobel board provides comfort with every step. Forefoot containment and overall stability are lacking and as usual with KD’s shoes it’s a bit narrow. Not quite as good the 12, but close.

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